Dakota Dunes CDC Launch!

Dakota Dunes CDC Launch

Announcing the launch of the new website for Dakota Dunes Community Development Corporation! Dakota Dunes CDC is a non-profit organization in Saskatoon that presents grants to organizations and communities to fund what they like to call “community investments” or “community initiatives”. These community investments could be anything from the Children’s Festival in Saskatoon to helping a minor hockey league fund a tournament they are putting together. All of the money that is given out is received from the Dakota Dunes Casino just outside of Saskatoon. Every year the casino give a certain percentage of what they make to the CDC which allows for the funding of all of these events and projects which make the surrounding communities even greater than they already are.

We worked with the staff at Dakota Dunes CDC to come up with a web presence that would revolve around these community investments and at the same time give anyone visiting all the information they would require in regards to the corporation background, the staff, the board members or how to apply for funding. The main goal was to keep everything simple, have all of the information required, and make sure if someone was looking for something in particular, they could find it without much trouble. While setting up this for them we took the next step as well and set them up on Facebook and Twitter to help them distribute information on all of their updates, announcements and funding investments.

If you get a chance, check out the new website and let us know what you think! Even better, let them know what you think as well!

Website: www.dakotadunescdc.com

Facebook: Dakota Dunes CDC
Twitter: @DakotaDunesCDC

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